Charity Shop Sue

on Mar 10

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Charity Shop Sue – Mockumentary 6 part series

WRITERS/DIR – Tim & Matt Chesney and Stuart Edwards


New British comedy Charity Shop Sue is a heartfelt series celebrating the lovable and slightly batty characters that frequent a failing Charity Shop (Sec*Hand Chances) in Bulwell, Nottingham.

An off-beat, observational mockumentary, this comedy shows warmth in the way it embraces the oddballs of Bulwell, but it also has a dark edge and deviously funny moments.

At the helm of a strong female cast is Sue Tuke.  Sue is hard as nails and bold as brass, she can manipulate, flirt, bully and offend.
Getting under Sue’s feet are her loyal volunteers- the young, impressionable Viki, sensible with a wild streak Kersch (currently on probation), and loveable Vera, the shop’s longest serving volunteer.

SERVICES – Production

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